Welcome !

Hi Im Sophie 🙂  I’m in a student dietitian in Sydney and have previously graduated from a Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science. On the weekends, I work  part time and enjoy seeing friends and family. I  am also passionate about leading an active lifestyle and eating a healthy diet filled with fresh fruit and vegetables!

Trying to fit healthy eating and exercise  into an already busy uni/school/work schedule can seem rather overwhelming…  especially when you’re on a budget! After being a full time uni student and part-time worker for the past few years, i know how hard it can be to find time for it all. I do however, believe it can be done!

My goal is to fill this page with helpful tips, tricks and recipes that will make eating well and being active seem affordable and achievable for those of you who are juggling both school/university, work and social life.

Please feel free to look around and try a few things! Hope you enjoy !

Sophie ❤